Summer cruising is just a little more fun when you can open up the sunroof of your car and let in a refreshing breeze. If your sunroof happens to be broken, cracked, or stuck, however, being the owner of a car with a sunroof can be a downright drag when it begins to rain. Take heart, sunroof owners- a broken sunroof doesn’t have to ruin your whole summer. Sunroof repair is not only possible, but also not as expensive as you might fear. Finding a reputable sunroof repair company is the first step towards getting back the total enjoyment of your car as summer approaches.


Sunroof Repair- How Does it Work?

When you are searching for affordable and effective sunroof repair, the first thing to consider is the type of sunroof your car has. There are three main styles of sunroofs- pop-up, spoiler and inbuilt- and the type of sunroof that is on your vehicle will determine how it is to be repaired. Pop-up sunroofs do not retract but simply pop up, as their name implies. These sunroofs act more as a vent for hot air, but can reflect up to 93% of the sun’s heat off the glass when they are made of a high-end material, so they can be extremely efficient. Spoiler style sunroofs vent open like pop-up sunroofs, opening at an angle, but leave approximately 10-12 inches of open space, like a small window. Both pop-up and spoiler style sunroofs are more common in later-model (10 years or older) vehicles.


Inbuilt sunroofs, commonly referred to as moonroofs, are the most common type in recent car models, and fully retract thanks to window glass that is inlaid into a panel, like a regular car window. Regardless of what type of sunroof your car has, those who are made with cheaper materials such as aluminum are going to be more problematic down the road. As a general rule, it is best to look for sunroofs that are made of steel and carbon fiber if possible.


If your sunroof needs to be repaired, it is important that you look for a service center that is experienced in fixing the type of sunroof you have, so you can be sure that you are receiving the best in knowledgeable, expert repair from technicians who get the job done right the first time. Northwest Glass Company is here to help! We proudly serve clients in and around Marysville who seek help with their stuck, cracked, or leaky sunroofs, so that they can enjoy driving their cars again without fear of being caught in the rain. We offer competitive pricing and convenient repair options that work with your busy schedule.


Don’t let another summer pass without repairing your car’s sunroof. Call the pros at Northwest Glass Company today at 425-737-4950 to schedule your free consultation for sunroof repair. We are Maryville’s choice for high-quality glass repair at affordable prices. Call today!

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