Most of us have experienced it: the sickening thud of a sizeable rock hitting our windshield on the freeway. No matter how many times it has happened to you, it’s always a sad moment to see the new little chip, crack or pit that the rock has left behind. Luckily for motorists everywhere, windshield rock chip repair services exist! A windshield repair technician can quickly assess your windshield damage and fill it with a polymer that makes your windshield look virtually brand new. However, some people do not believe it can truly be that easy. Fortunately for you, we’re here to dispel the myths about rock chip repair, as well as give you the facts you need to know before you fix that crack, chip or pit.


MYTH #1- A crack in the windshield necessitates a total replacement.

False! Thanks to windshield rock chip repair services, your windshield can be satisfactorily repaired with virtually no trace of the chip. We will complete your repairs in a matter of minutes! Total windshield replacements are still necessary for any crack that has spread across the width of the windshield or is directly in the driver’s line of vision, but just about anything else can be repaired rather than replaced.


MYTH #2- If it’s a small chip, it will be fine without repair.

Sorry- not true! No matter the size of the chip or crack, it weakens the glass, which causes the damage to worsen over time. A tiny crack from a rock can spread across the whole windshield if left unrepaired.


MYTH #3- DIY windshield repair kits are just as good as what the pros use.

Whether the kits themselves match up to the tools used by windshield repair experts is of less consequence than whether you are as experienced as the professionals. Sometimes it’s good to go the DIY route, but windshield repair is not one of those times. Save yourself the frustration and disappointment of less-than-stellar results and track down a windshield repair expert.


MYTH #4- Windshield rock chip repair will cost an arm and a leg!

Sorry, wrong again! Not only is windshield repair covered by most insurance companies, in most cases it is absolutely no cost to you! Since we deal with most insurance companies on a regular basis, it’s easy and fast for us to help you complete the stress-free claim procedure. Insurance pays for it, your premium doesn’t go up, and you get your windshield repaired by an experienced professional. For free, can’t beat that!


Looking for the best in windshield rock chip repair? Northwest Glass Co. is at your service! We offer fast, efficient windshield repair services that will get your auto glass back to its pre-pebble glory. We offer mobile glass repair services for busy people on the go. You don’t have to come to us- we’ll come to you! If you reside in or around Marysville,WA, call Northwest Glass Co. at 425-737-4950 today. Talk to one of our friendly representatives about windshield rock chip repair.

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