We’ve all been there- you’re driving along on the freeway, when suddenly, WHACK! A stray rock or other types of debris fly up from the road and smacks right into your windshield. Most of the time you can see right away just how much damage there is, as well as get a pretty good idea of whether it can be repaired or whether your auto glass needs to be completely replaced. If you’re not quite sure which side of the fence your damaged auto glass falls on, here are some tips for figuring out if it can still be fixed, or if you need to find an auto glass shop here in Bellevue to do a total windshield replacement.


Size Matters– If the crack in your windshield is less than three inches long, it may very well be eligible for auto glass repair. Try holding a credit card over the damage- if the card covers the whole crack, you may have a shot! Chips are slightly different- any rock chip in your windshield larger than a quarter warrants a total auto glass replacement.


Location, Location, Location– Is your new chip or crack in your windshield right in your line of vision? If so, you’re probably going to need auto glass replacement. Having a distracting crack right in your line of sight is a hazard, and could even result in a ticket if you are stopped by a police officer, so it is best to get your total windshield replaced if the damage is located right in front of you. Since a driver’s line of sight varies, have your windshield technician take a look at where the chip or crack is in relation to how you sit behind the wheel to determine whether a full auto glass replacement is necessary.


Livin’ on the Edge– Every once in awhile, a stray rock will strike your windshield right on the edge or corner where it is attached to the frame. If this is your case, you may need to opt for total auto glass replacement. Not only is it much more difficult, and sometimes impossible, for technicians to repair auto glass so close to the edge, but it is also at greater risk of spreading.


Whether you are in need of auto glass repair or total windshield replacement in and around Bellevue, WA, Northwest Glass Company is the name you need to know! We proudly offer mobile glass repair and replacement services- we’ll come to you to do the job so you don’t have to go out of your way to get your auto glass fixed! For expert auto glass repair and replacement in Bellevue, call Northwest Glass Company today at 425-737-4950 to schedule your appointment.


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