Custom glass in Everett, Washington is more common than you realize. It also probably entails more than you would imagine. How can Northwest Glass Company help with your custom glass needs?

Types of Custom Glass

Not all glass is created equal. There are differences in the materials used to manufacture every kind of glass. This process produces a different clarity, type, and strength for each custom glass piece. Some things a glass technician will look at when determining the type of custom glass you need are:

  • Thickness: Different types of glass come in various thicknesses. The typical ranges are 3/16-inch, ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch. Your specific needs will dictate the thickness of the glass that will be required.
  • Type: There are plenty of different types of glass on the market today. These types include clear, ultra-clear, frosted, colored, or historic versions. Each has different properties to consider when cutting and installing your custom glass.
  • Strength: In most situations, tempered glass has become the standard. However, there are annealed glass and other versions as well.
  • Edges and Corners: Custom glass is cut to exact specifications, affecting the edges and corners of the glass that is selected. Seamed, flat polish, pencil polish, or beveled edges are all possibilities. Eased, clipped or radius corners further customize each glass piece.
  • Special Cut-Ins: On occasion, our customers need a little something extra. For example, patio tables typically include a center hole to allow for umbrella placement. Our technicians can provide this service upon request as well.

Uses of Custom Glass

Custom glass can be used virtually anywhere. Our Northwest Glass Company service portfolio includes custom glass repairs and replacements for automobiles, commercial and residential usage.

Damages to doors, garage door inserts, windows, and skylights are more apparent reasons to request a custom glass technician. However, our services go beyond this. Some examples of our other custom glass services include custom cut and installed patio tabletops, cupboard inserts, picture glass, furniture protection, shelving, and mirrors. We are also proud to help our local Everett, Washington community’s businesses with custom glass storefronts as well.

At Northwest Glass Company, we strive to provide you with custom pieces that are of quality composition, professionally installed and competitively priced. As a local, family business, providing this much-needed service to our surrounding community brings us pride. If you are interested in our custom glass Everett, Washington services, contact us today!

  • Auto and Truck Glass

    - Windshield Replacement
    - Rock Chip Repair
    - Power Windows, Regulators, and Motors
    - Mirrors
    - Truck Sliders
    - Sun Roofs
    - Moon Roofs
    - Back Glass and Side Windows
    - Tinting
    - Water Leaks
    - Vent Glass
    - And More!

  • Home and Building Glass

    - Plate Glass
    - Energy-Efficient Windows
    - Sliding Glass Doors
    - Door Glass Inserts
    - Store Front Window and Door
    - Garage Door Glass
    - French Door
    - Cupboard Glass Inserts
    - Skylights
    - Automatic Glass Doors
    - Storefronts
    - Mirrors
    - Picture Glass
    - Glass Shelving
    - Etch Glass
    - Custom Glass
    - Table Tops
    - And More!